Week of May 25, 2009

The moon is in its newest stages moving through Gemini, Cancer then Leo this week. Mars and Jupiter pair up on the 26th and are joined by Neptune on the 27th. Big breakthroughs can happen with this rare alignment. We are at the beginning of a significant new cycle. Meanwhile the Sun squares north node and Mercury is still in retrograde until the 30th. It is a process. We are creating what will manifest by the full moon and then even further down the line. Do you trust what you have decided? The times are complex. Uncertainty and having to wait make this week a little worrisome. It seems we’ve been at this for quite some time. There is all kinds of energy present to move forward and restraint is difficult but necessary. If you are able to find any way to relax it will be helpful. Some find great relaxation in keeping their hands busy. What ethics and morals take leadership for you? We will be confronting fears and developing confidence. It is not advised to make progress for your own interest alone. Concentrate on staying in the moment and being kind. To read more see your individual sun sign…

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