Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Week of May 25, 2009

Pelicans, disturbed by the garbage of people move their young to a new habitat.

Focus on divine synchronicity. Everyone is moving and changing. There will be lots of win/win situations afoot. The issue for you centers on what you expect from yourself. You have one of the greatest gifts for transformation and reinvention. Your boundaries are good.  You clearly are not going to participate with some ideas or circumstances. You have your eye on your target and not a whole lot will sway your attention. Your strength will serve as a blessing to all of us. Right now the broader realms of society’s development is changing. We are lucky to have you as an example for regeneration. Jewel once said, “You have to realize: ok, I don’t know how to solve a political problem, I don’t know how to solve the pollution problem… all I know is in my own life, I need to figure out some sense of purpose, I need to figure out how to be happy… and I’m willing to give up looking at all you and trying to do everyone else’s laundry and look at myself and what do I need… and that’s *profound*. We point so many fingers and go ‘this person isn’t… are you blah blah blah?” If we all just took care of ourselves it’d be very efficient…”

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