Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) Week of May 25, 2009

Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Focus on the darkening of the light. Discretion will help get you through the week.
Lao Tzu once said,
“He does nor show himself; therefore he is luminous.
He does not define himself; therefore he is distinct.
He does not assert himself; therefore he succeeds.
He does not boast of his work; therefore it endures for long.
It is precisely because he does not compete that the world cannot
compete with him.”
The issue this week has to do with effort. You are hesitant. The process you are going through is over the course of time and it is something you are developing and transforming. You are doing more than your share, but luckily you have the energy and the balance. Your discipline is needed in a time like this. Don’t struggle with anything that goes against what you represent at the core. Use misunderstandings as a catalyst for change.

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