Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Week of May 10, 2009

Indian girl introduces college boy-friend to her assembled tribe.

This week concentrate on how you combine yourself with others.   Something is changing very deep inside of you.  Even though this is going to be a whole new you there is still a feeling of sadness for what you will leave behind.  The issue is heart.  There will be important communication happening.  You want to go where you feel happy and delighted.  Yet there are mental blockades hindering your mindset.  Its coming from you.  Its difficult for you to cooperate this week  with anything that appears to go against your own personal sense of truth.  Good news, though…..You are not going to self-destruct.  Just check in on yourself and think about things from various perspectives.  You will soon be aware of the appreciation others have for your unique contribution and global  spirit.  Its like Steve Duplessie said, “The status quo in storage has existed for a long, long time, … but I think the applecart is about to be upset.”

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