Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) Week of May 10, 2009

The ground hog looking for its shadow on ground hog day.

Focus on your community.  More than one person has the same goal in mind and working together is good.  You are having internal difficulties though and  you may find you are not as isolated as you think.  Share your feelings with someone and you will encounter similar feelings.   The issue is whether anyone is going to get their feelings hurt.  You are in an important role and what you have to say matters.  You are making real sacrifices and it kind of sucks because you have to shut down and close off to what you really want.  It feels like the world is passing you by and you’re wrong.  You are passing the world by.  When you know you aren”t going to be around for long…. keep harmony by minimizing passion.  Change is coming.  Good things are here.  Bill Murray once said, “[He would like to be remembered most for] Groundhog Day,…..As cynical as I like to pretend I am, I have a deep philosophical and spiritual side.  I think everyone harbors a craving for meaning in life, and the movie, without being cloying or embarrassing, asserts the possibility of redemption through meaning.  Every single religion and psychological discipline has claimed the movie as what they believe.  I love that.  It makes it an  movie.”

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