Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) Week of April 27, 2009

Black and white children playing happily together.

Focus on decreasing. When life is going through a down instead of an up it is best to simplify as much as possible. If you broaden your goals to include universal pursuits you will get help and gain a new social position. The issue has to do with rules and breaking them. You have found what you want, yet you are over your head. There are interferences and prejudices hovering around that are coming between you and what you desire. Your spirit wants to say f*** it and surrender to what is truly happening. Behind the scenes you are doing more than your share. Concentrate on public awareness and your secrets will soon be promoted into a positive status. You will “arrive”. Josefa Iloilo once said, “We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration.”

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