Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Week of April 27, 2009

An old-fashioned well.

Focus on restraint. The planets in Aries this week easily make you feel like making a start. Except that nothing is in your control. The issue has to do with how delightful life can be sometimes. Your subconscious is being flooded with all kinds of imagery at the moment. You feel languid and dreamy. It will have to be enough to feel the longing. Discounting the importance of this would be a mistake. Lean into your own cries. Your core, your source, your well…. is in a position to greatly benefit from a real chance at development and self-improvement. Let yourself feel what is deep inside and do it with dignity by having compassion for yourself. Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Deep is the well of truth and long does it take to know what has fallen into its depths.”

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