Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) Week of March 16, 2009

Game birds feathering their nests.

Your best approach is a gentle approach. If you poke your nose in the details too much you lose your influence. There is a confrontation that when met at the right moment, will bring about success in a quiet way. The issue is persistence. There is no need to micro-manage. Things are difficult and you want to be able to talk about things. What you feel in your soul is the basis of your intent. You are cautious. Keep your fears in check. Hold to your hopes and quietly create safety. Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote,
“Far from the city’s dust and heat,
I get but sounds and odors sweet.
Who can wonder I love to stay,
Week after week, here hidden away,
In this sly nook that I love the best —
This little brown house like a ground-bird’s nest?”

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