Week of Feb. 2, 2009

This week shows the early stages of change. Thank goodness we get to recognize this and go forward. In order to be fully in charge of your own life it will be necessary to ignore the trend around you and instead focus on what has led you in the right direction in the past. It should be a harmonious week with sprinkled showers of venting out what we no longer have a use for. The issues will center around relief and a desire to make sure things go well. We want adventure. We want to face our fears square in the face. We want to have accomplishments. AND all the while this is going on, we don’t want our sleeves being pulled by superfluous antics. For more on your individual sign read further…….

3 thoughts on “Week of Feb. 2, 2009

    1. I probably need to be more clear on my website, but a reading is not free. You can get all your sabian symbols for your natal chart for free, but a reading is not. If you don’t have money, we can maybe agree on some sort of trade. The lowest I can charge is $5.00 and that is for one simple paragraph answer. However, a full chart reading is well worth it and cheaper than anywhere. Let me know.

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