Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Week of Feb. 2, 2009

Children in halloween costumes indulging in various pranks.

Your best bet is to censor yourself carefully. Sometimes limitations can be a good thing and right now they are helping you grow a great deal. The main issue has to do with opinions. You are holding to your ideas like a fly stuck on a web. You don’t feel like your getting enough lovin’, yet you hold back on making a full confrontation. Good move. Just keep active so you don’t think about it. Your time will come. Meanwhile, approach people with your best disguise and surprise them with how much you can accept the evil parts in life. If you ignore evil it only perpetuates it. Good cannot exist without evil. Here is one of my favorite quotes: Lao Tzu once said, “He does not show himself; therefore he is luminous. He does not define himself; therefore he is distinct. He does not assert himself; therefore he succeeds. He does not boast of his work; therefore it endures for long. It is precisely because he does not compete that the world cannot compete with him.”

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