Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20) Week of Oct. 27, 2008

Hunters shooting wild ducks.

The central issue for you this week is about flirtation. Despite the fact that your intuition is not in tip-top condition, you push forward with something new. Despite the fact that you teeter between shyness and seriousness, you still try really hard to have a good time. There are many ways to back out of a situation that makes you uncomfortable. However, the main elements include the high road or the low road. I know an elderly southern woman from Kentucky. She is about 83 years old. One day she was going up to her farm, which she often does. Her intentions for going to the farm are a combination of meditative reflection and vigilant protection of her land. I noticed a bible in her hand and something else peculiar. I asked her why she had a bible and a sock. Her reply was, “If I can’t preach my way out, I’m gonna shoot my way out.” Her sock had a pistol in it. Think of your source. Think of what you don’t want in your life. Think about what you do want in your life. Winnie the Pooh once wisely stated, “Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.”

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