Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) Week of Oct. 27, 2008

A caravan of cars headed for promised lands.

The issues for you this week are about respect and foresight. Despite your current solitude and autonomy, you want to share some of your findings with the rest of us. Its important to you that you reach into the heart of matters and extract the driving manual that will take us all to a better place. You are handling more than anyone else. Perhaps, you want to work alone. One must have solidarity within themselves before they can share it with others. Tell us what we need to know. You will be a shining example of stability and security. No matter what is changed along the way, the path is still the path. Not everyone will listen. Keep in mind the words of Shelby Steele, “The promised land guarantees nothing. It is only an opportunity, not a deliverance.”

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