Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) Week of Oct. 6, 2008

A man being unmasked at a masquerade.

The issue for you this week, Gemini, is about support. You feel lost, withdrawn and depressed. What you want to manifest is supported by important people. However, it is hard to find any privacy to sort through your thoughts. Big displays of power are not going to help you now. It will do nothing but show your weakness. Look towards what is simple in your life. You know how to give healing and how to receive it. Until you get time to sort things out, keep your words close to your chest. Your silence will help to bolster your inner convictions. Lao Tzu once said,
“He does not show himself; therefore he is luminous.
He does not define himself; therefore he is distinct.
He does not assert himself; therefore he succeeds.
He does not boast of his work; therefore it endures for long.
It is precisely because he does not compete that the world cannot
compete with him.”

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