Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Week of June 18, 2007

Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover. ~~sabian symbol      (3º Taurus)

Lets talk about balance.  How much energy does it take for you to balance?  You have no assumptions these days, nor suspicions.  You have an equal appreciation for feelings as you do for thoughts, even though at times they are vastly different.  Taking in the agendas of others is something you do very well and you are pleased to see that currently there are honorable amounts of integrity.  Good.  Love is in the clover and it would be lovely to run out barefoot, basking in it.  Do not be so quick.  Stepping on a bee is something nobody wants to do.  You may not burst forth, yet you may tiptoe in.  Talk to people around you about what brings you heartache.  Why must things be this way?  You will illicit a beneficial response and by week’s end you will reach heights you did not expect.  Edmund Blunden wrote, “Like the bee that now is blown honey-heavy on my hand, from his toppling tansy-throne, in the green tempestuous land – I’m in clover now, nor know who made honey long ago.”

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