Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Week of June 18, 2007

A sword, used in many battles, in a museum.  ~~sabian symbol     (13º Pisces)

Lets talk about being true to yourself.   The way of the warrior is simple.  It involves love for yourself and love for others.  It involves actively following your will.  It also involves spiritual relaxation and trust.  You will not be able to hold off everything that pushes in on you.  How you respond is the key to using your sword for a higher purpose.  Keep breathing.  Holding your breath puts your body into a vulnerable and tense position.  What are you afraid of?  The end?  The beginning?  Dan Millman writes in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, “Consciousness is not in the body; the body is in Consciousness.  And you are that Consciousness – not the phantom mind that troubles you so.  You are the body, but you are everything else, too.  That is what your visions will reveal to you.  Only the mind resists change.  When you relax mindless into the body, you are happy and content and free, sensing no separation.  Immortality is already yours, but not in the way you imagine or hope for.  You have been immortal since before you were born and will be long after the body dissolves.  The body is Consciousness; never born; never dies; only changes.  The mind – your ego, personal beliefs, history, and identity – is all that ends at death.  And who needs it?”

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