Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Week of June 18, 2007

An angel carrying a harp. ~~sabian symbol     (9º Capricorn)

Lets talk about disconnection.  You are quiet with your song for fear it will give away what you know.  You are at an imbalance.  The past has stirred and you want to play fierce blues on your jaw harp.  How dare someone step inbetween you and what you want!  You have to hurry up and do something….. so you can wait some more.  You have sang every scenerio that possibly could be and, still, you have no influence because you have not acted.  This week you will need to make a decision about what song it is you really want to sing.  That will be your song.  You will perfect it.  You will stick by it.  Then, perhaps, you will trade in your blues harmonica for the lovely and peaceful strings of a Celtic harp?  Francis J. Crosby once said, “Chords that were broken will vibrate one more.”

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