Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Week of May 21, 2007

An epidemic of mumps. ~~sabian symbol      (2º Leo)

The issue is about having support.  You wait for what you think should be brought to you, drumming your fingers.  What you do not see is how this is truly affecting you emotionally.  Are you not itching to move on?  You are keeping quiet about the strong feelings in your soul.  What if they won’t love you anymore?  Maybe if you come with gifts for them they will get the hint….  It won’t work.  I’m sorry.  You may feel a little embarrassed, but your best option is to withdraw into your shell.  It will do you no good to look outside of yourself for happiness this week.  The people around you are not healthy.  Lean into your worry.  Cry out in your solitude.  Release and try not to hold on to it.  Its not worth it.  You are generally correct in what you believe to be right, but your needs can not be met at this time.  Give it a week and then your message will be heard.  Malcolm Gladwell said, “The Law of the Few,… says that one critical factor in epidemics is the nature of the messenger.”

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